Ingrown Pimples - How to Get Rid of an Ingrown Pimple

Published: 27th November 2008
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If you need to know how to get rid of an ingrown pimple, and are looking for a cure, then read this article. Usually ingrown pimples on areas where you shave are, are not pimples at all, but are really ingrown hairs!


Ingrown hairs occur when hair is cut or broken below the level of the skin. When this happens the hair can sometimes grow into the side of the follicle instead of up and out. This can result in a painful red bump that can fill with puss (a pustule). Ingrown hairs can be very painful and it is common for people to mistake them for ingrown pimples. Some people have even been known to describe them as an ingrown hair pimple!


There are a couple of different strategies for dealing with ingrown hairs. You can free the hair, so it grows out of the skin, or you can remove the hair. Usually if you leave it alone, it will eventually free itself. You can help by gently exfoliating, so the dead skin doesn't block the opening. If a pustule forms, you can gently squeeze it with two cotton balls and the hair will usually pop right out. A second option is to use a sterilized needle or tweezers to fish the hair out. At this point, you can either leave the hair there, or use tweezers to remove it altogether. After either one of these treatments you should use an astringent on the affected area.


One problem with ingrown hairs is that they can continue to become ingrown. This is especially true with people who have curly hair. There are a few things you can do to prevent this. Exfoliating and removing the dead skins cells keeps the openings of the skin from being blocked and should help. Also using a moisturizer will keep your skin moist and soft and will decrease the build of dry skin cells. If this doesn't work, you may opt for laser hair removal.

These tips will help you be prepared so you never have to wonder how to get rid of an ingrown pimple again. Especially since you know these ingrown pimples are really ingrown hairs.
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